Video: Exascale HPC Storage – A Possibility or a Pipe Dream?

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In this video from the 2014 HPC Advisory Council Europe Conference, Torben Kling-Petersen from Xyratex presents: Exascale HPC Storage – A Possibility or a Pipe Dream?

The advances in NV-RAM promise exascale level throughput, however, the building and implementing of full solutions continues to be expensive. While the requirements on performance increase linearly, the requirements on capacity is ramping exponentially. Noting HDDs are increasing in capacity and speed, are these new drives good enough to fulfill these essential ares? Many in the industry suggest a combination of both is the right path, but that suggests a software stack capable of handling multi-level storage transparently and such software does not actu-ally exist in the HPC world today. Unfortunately, the challenge does not end with increased performance and capacity. Indeed, there are more and more requests for enterprise reliability and supportability, data management functionality and power. This talk discusses these areas in relation to the Xyratex/Seagate ClusterStor solution – today and where it might go in the future.”

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