2014 Sydney Fernbach Award Goes to Satoshi Matsuoka

Today IEEE announced that Satoshi Matsuoka from the Tokyo Institute of Technology is the recipient of the 2014 Sydney Fernbach Award.

2112 Cores at Just 200 Watts: Introducing the Adapteva A-1

In this video from Primeur Magazine, Andreas Olofsson from Adapteva unveils the Adapteva A-1 prototype supercomputer at ISC’14. Based on the company’s 64-core Epiphany chip, the system sports a total 2112 RISC cores in a very small space while consuming only 200 Watts.

Video: Founders Discuss the Latest TOP500 List

In this video, Jack Dongarra, Erich Strohmaier, and Michael Resch discuss the current TOP500 list at ISC’14. “Although the United States remains the top country in terms of overall systems with 233, this is down from 265 on the November 2013 list. The number of Chinese systems on the list rose from 63 to 76, giving the Asian nation nearly as many supercomputers as the UK, with 30; France, with 27; and Germany, with 23; combined. Japan also increased its showing, up to 30 from 28 on the previous list.”

Interview with Winners of the 2014 PRACE Award

In this interview from ISC’14, Rich Brueckner speaks with Alex Heinecke from Intel and Sebastian Rettenberger from the Technical University of Munich as they share insights about their award-winning paper on volcano simulation.

Radio Free HPC does the ISC’14 Wrapup Show

In this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team reviews the highlights from ISC’14 including Intel’s new Omni Scale Fabric and the World’s First 100Gb/s EDR InfiniBand Switch from Mellanox.

How Gompute Provides HPC on Demand

“With over 10 years’ of experience working with industrial clients, providing solutions and services to the IT and Engineering communities, as well as advisory functions to C-level execs, Gompute delivers a collaborative and highly productive work environment for geographically distributed engineering teams.”

HPC Analyst Crossfire from ISC’14

In this video from ISC’14, Addison Snell from Intersect360 Research moderates the conference closing session with HPC Analyst Crossfire. Panelists include: Michael Resch (HLRS), Yoon Ho (Rolls-Royce), Jean-Marc Denis (Bull), and Brian Connors (IBM).

Applications for the DEEP and DEEP-ER Projects

“To evaluate the DEEP concept and to prove its programmability, selected applications are ported to the DEEP system. They serve to test the system, to compare its performance with respect to standard architectures, and even to propose improvements to the system’s hardware and software.”

Announcing the AppliedMicro X-Gene ARM 64b

In this video from ISC’14, Steve Conway from IDC introduces the Exhibitor Innovation Forum and it’s first speaker, Gaurav Singh from Applied Micro.

Video: Numascale Big Memory Solutions from Transtec

In this video from ISC’14, Einar Rustad from Numascale describes the company’s innovative solution for combining multiple servers into an aggregated compute resource with extremely large memory capacity. As an HPC solution provider, Transtec delivers innovative technologies like this to customers seeking supported solutions.