CoolIT, Intel and Supermicro Collaborate on Innovative HPC Cluster

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CoolIT recently teamed up with Intel and Supermicro to create an innovative HPC cluster that ranked 400 on the Top500 list of supercomputers and an impressive #41 on the Green 500 list.  The cluster uses CoolIT’s Rack DCLC AHx35 solution and Supermicro’s ultra-dense FatTwin server platform, featuring 9936 cores with a peak performance of 131.2 teraflops.  The system consumed 74.25kW of power even though each Supermicro FatTwin node with a compute density of over 1kW per U.

A collaboration between CoolIT Systems and the University of Leeds has been set up to analyze the influence of direct contact liquid cooling on demand within cloud based workload algorithms. The 45U Rack DCLC has been installed at the university to enhance their research into energy efficient aspects of data centers, by combining the expertise from two disciplines to understand the intersection of cloud scheduling algorithms with a fine controlled cooling on demand methodology.

To me, the creation of the Cherry Creek system was not really about scoring high in the rankings but to showcase that a world-class supercomputer can be assembled using readily available, off-the-shelf components.  By leveraging Direct Contact Liquid Cooling, the system was fast, cool, quiet and a pleasant shade of green. Geoff Lyon CEO & CTO at CoolIT Systems

CoolIT supports a wide variety of private, government, and academic organizations with their various compute initiatives. CoolIT has established itself as an experienced innovator in developing safe and reliable DCLC solutions for today’s most demanding data center users.