Station Q Tackles Quantum Computing at Microsoft

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Peter Lee, Head of Microsoft Research

Peter Lee, Head of Microsoft Research

In this video, Microsoft provides an introduction to the world of quantum computing. To bring this vision to reality, the company’s Station Q research center is focused on blending quantum physics with computer science.

The problem of coherence is a major focus of our research here,” said Peter Lee, corporate vice president and head of Microsoft Research. “Every researcher connected to this field dreams of building a quantum computer. We are not trying to build a quantum computer. Our belief is that trying to build a quantum machine by controlling electron spin and using surface codes is like trying to build a computer using vacuum tubes. Labs all over the world can do that, but you’ll never be able to scale up. We’re taking an outrageously hard, unreasonably difficult approach, and if we succeed – and it’s a big if – then we will have a building block for a scalable quantum machine. We have a chance, a tiny chance but a real chance, to completely upend technology and society in a fundamental way just like the transistor did.”

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