Video: Breaking Bad and Science in Cinema

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reactorOur Video Sunday feature continues with this talk by Argonne computational scientist Dr. Marius Stan on the topic of Science in Cinema. You may know Dr Stan from the role he played as Bogdan Wolynetz, the car wash owner on the hit TV show Breaking Bad.

During his presentation, Stan will talk about scientists and artists as creators driven by curiosity. He will touch on the outstanding experimental and computational studies performed at Argonne in support of energy science and engineering. A number of Argonne results, especially in the area of computation and visualization, have unexpected links to cinema.

This is a fascinating talk that puts science and simulation in a framework that your whole family can understand.

In this video from Breaking Bad, Bogdan Wolynetz asks Walt if he’s tough enough to be boss.


  1. Had my picture taken with Dr. Stan before his presentation. Are the pictures available on your web site?
    Thank you,
    Tim Rice