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SGI Benchmarks World Record Performance with Latest Intel Xeon

sgi_newToday SGI announced performance world records using Intel’s newest processor, the E5-2600 v3 (Haswell). Featured on the company’s ICE X, InfiniteData Cluster, and SGI Rackable servers, E5-2600 v3 processors further increase performance, energy efficiency, and security to enable greater innovation and insight for SGI’s broad range of customers.

Continuing SGI’s performance leadership, we’re excited to have attained world record Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) MPI2007 benchmarks for the E5-2600 v3 processor using the world’s fastest supercomputer, SGI ICE X,” said Jorge Titinger, president and CEO, SGI. “These benchmarks reflect the performance advantage our customers can anticipate using SGI servers with Intel processors in real-world high performance computing environments.”

Supporting Data
New SPEC MPI2007 world records using the ICE X system with E5-2690 v3 processor include:

  • 80 chips, 960 cores, 800 ranks, SPECmpiM_2007 = 115
  • 256 chips, 3072 cores, 2560 ranks, SPECmpiL_base2007 = 84.9
  • The 2 socket SPECmpiM_base2007 result of 7.83 was the highest published result as of September 8, 2014

The ICE X system with E5-2690 v3 processors holds several best-in-class records:

  • Best-in-class performance for SPEC MPIM2007 at 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 sockets based on the SPECmpiM_2007 metric
  • Best-in-class performance for SPEC MPIL2007 at 8, 16, 32, 64, and 128 sockets based on the SPECmpiL_base2007 metric

The basis of comparison for the SGI ICE X result with Intel Xeon E5-2690 v3 processors are the SPECmpiM_base2007, SPECmpiM_2007, and SPECmpiL_base2007 metrics at the following chip (socket) count:

2 chips, 24 cores, 24 ranks, SPECmpiM_base2007 =7.83
4 chips, 48 cores, 48 ranks, SPECmpiM_base2007 = 14.9
8 chips, 96 cores, 96 ranks, SPECmpiM_base2007 = 28.3
16 chips, 192 cores, 192 ranks, SPECmpiM_base2007 = 49.5
32 chips, 384 cores, 384 ranks, SPECmpiM_base2007 = 77.6
64 chips, 768 cores, 768 ranks, SPECmpiM_base2007 = 101
8 chips, 96 cores, 96 ranks, SPECmpiL_base2007 = 4.88
16 chips, 192 cores, 192 ranks, SPECmpiL_base2007 = 9.83
32 chips, 384 cores, 384 ranks, SPECmpiL_base2007 = 19.5
64 chips, 768 cores, 768 ranks, SPECmpiL_base2007 = 35.4
128 chips, 1536 cores, 1536 ranks, SPECmpiL_base 2007=61

Standard Performance Evaluation (SPEC)
SPEC and SPEC MPI are registered trademarks of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation. Competitive results are from ( as of September 8, 2014.

SGI ICE X and SGI Rackable server lines with Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 v3 are available for order today, while InfiniteData Cluster servers with E5-2600 v3 processors will be available for order this Fall.

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