Fujitsu Goes Ceph with ETERNUS CD10000 Storage

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fujitsuToday Fujitsu rolled out their new Petabyte-scale ETERNUS CD10000 storage system. Designed to last as long as the Petabyte-scale data it hosts, the system includes a complete stack of hardware and Ceph-based software managed as one for ease and convenience.

The C-Suite is pushing heavily on organizations to deliver Big Data insights and action, but IT departments still struggle to capture, much less use, the sheer volume of data that their organizations generate,” said Alex Lam, vice president of the Enterprise Business at Fujitsu America, Inc. “Fujitsu is the first global ICT company to productize a Big Data storage solution, one built upon a highly-recognized, open-source storage software stack and with the capabilities to provide unlimited, highly scalable storage. The ETERNUS CD10000 enables organizations to cross the Petabyte divide by successfully addressing both the scalability and manageability issues that come with Big Data.”

At launch, the system supports capacities up to 56 PB (56,000 TB) of online data through the aggregation of up to 224 storage nodes. According to Fujitsu, the company will introduce updates next year allowing for far higher scalability.

Fujitsu has based the new enterprise-ready system on the open source-based storage software available from Red Hat, Inktank Ceph Enterprise and added functional enhancements to deliver comprehensive management, with the system operated as a single pane of glass. On a global level, the complete and comprehensive Fujitsu maintenance and support services enable customers for the first time to rely on the delivery of true enterprise-class service levels for a storage system based on open source software. ETERNUS CD10000 offers the unique ability to present a truly unified view of block, object and file storage in a single distributed storage cluster – reducing complexity, lowering storage management costs and optimizing existing physical disk space for data storage.

The new ETERNUS CD10000 system is available now.

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