Cyfronet to Deploy 1.7 Petaflop HP Apollo 8000 Supercomputer

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8d7a3ba538Poland’s Cyfronet will soon deploy a new HP Apollo 8000 supercomputer. Named Prometheus, the 1.7 Petaflop supercomputer will be four times more powerful than its predecessor and one of the fastest systems in Europe.

With its innovative liquid-cooled design, Prometheus will be one of the most energy-efficient computers in its class, enabling extreme computing density with over 41,000 compute cores in just 15 racks.

Prometheus specifications:

  • The most powerful supercomputer in Poland with a capacity of about 1.7 Petaflops, more than 4 times more from Zeus
  • The world’s largest computer installation of HP Apollo 8000
  • 1728 servers
  • 41,472 cores
  • 216 terabytes DDR4 memory
  • # 1 in Poland
  • # 12 in Europe according to the current TOP500 list
  • # 30 in the world according to the current TOP500 list

In this video from the 2014 HPC User Forum in Seattle, Marek Niezgódka from the ICM/University of Warsaw presents: HPC in Poland. View the slides.

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