Science at the Theater: 8 Big Ideas for a Better Planet

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In this video from the Science at the Theater series, Berkeley Lab scientists describe their efforts to improve life on this planet.

At Berkeley Lab, we pride ourselves on great, socially responsible ideas. But can we explain them in a way that non-scientists can understand — and applaud — in only 8 minutes? The answer is yes and we proved it on October 8th at Oakland’s Kaiser Theater as 8 Berkeley Lab scientists took the stage and brought the latest science on everything from solar-powered vaccine refrigerators and cool roof maps to radiation pills and space dust.

Presenters include:

  • Rebecca Abergel: A pill to treat people exposed to radioactive materials
  • Sylvain Costes: Promoting a healthier DNA
  • Andrew Westphal: Comet and interplanetary space dust
  • Ronnen Levinson: Cool roofs through time and space
  • Shashi Buluswar: Portable solar vaccine refrigerator
  • Musahid Ahmed: Combustion science for cleaner fuels
  • Katie Antypas: Energy-efficient supercomputing
  • Ben Brown: Enhancing human and planetary health through responsible innovation

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