Slidecast: UberCloud – From Experiment to Marketplace

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In this slidecast, Wolfgang Gentzsch presents: UberCloud – From Experiment to Marketplace.

After 18 months of developing Docker container technology into high performance application containers for engineering and scientific simulations,  UberCloud announces the availability of high performance application containers on its online UberCloud Marketplace, for ANSYS Mechanical, Fluent, CFX, Workbench, Icepak, EM, LS-DYNA and LS-PrePost,  for CD-adapco STAR-CCM+,  and for OpenFOAM, and more in the pipeline. These application containers are portable on all in-house and cloud environments and allow seamless and transparent on-demand access to and use of applications and data in the cloud, with a look and feel identical to your workstation.

UberCloud is the online community and marketplace where engineers and scientists discover, try, and buy Computing Power as a Service, from Clouds and even from Supercomputing Centers around the world. Engineers and scientists can explore and discuss how to use this computing power to solve their demanding problems. The UberCloud has been launched in July 2012, by Burak Yenier and Wolfgang Gentzsch in Silicon Valley. The early idea was to explore the roadblocks of Cloud Computing and find solutions, with a crowd-sourcing approach, together with our engineering and scientific community. Why did we call it The UberCloud later? Because, after just one year in operation, more than 50 HPC Cloud providers and Supercomputing Centers of all flavors had joined the UberCloud initiative, to provide free computing cycles to your experiments, and commercial computing cycles to your business: UberCloud – the community and marketplace platform to discover, try, and buy computing services.”

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  1. I just watched the “slidecast” and it’s really excellent. I’ve been involved (as a Mentor) in the UberCloud HPC Experiments for ~2 years now and the UberCloud has really come a long way. Congratulations to Wolfgang and Burak for what you have accomplished so far. The demo at the end of the slidecast was particularly impressive.