Adaptive Computing Demonstrates Viewpoint Software at SC14

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In this video from the Adaptive Computing booth at SC14, Paul Anderson and Nate Lyons demonstrate the company’s Viewpoint Next-gen Admin Portal software.

Moab Viewpoint is the next generation of Adaptive Computing’s admin portal. This enhanced Web-based graphical user interface enables easy viewing of workload— status, reporting on resource utilization and other system metrics. The Moab Viewpoint Portal plays an instrumental role in ensuring SLAs are met — a key component of Adaptive Computing’s Big Workflow vision — by allowing HPC administrators to maximize uptime and prove services were delivered and resources were allocated fairly. Moab HPC Suite-Enterprise Edition 8.1 marks a significant step forward for Moab Viewpoint. In addition to a clean, easy-to-use design interface, this release bolsters the portal’s core services while introducing several new features to provide drastically improved visibility into the data center. Moab Viewpoint guarantees services to the business by allowing admins to simplify administrative reporting, workload status tracking and node usage tracking.

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