Cray XC30 Powers LS-DYNA at Stalprodukt

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logoToday Cray announced that Stalprodukt S.A. in Poland has purchased a Cray XC30 supercomputer for structural analysis modeling used in the testing of steel designs.

The Cray XC30 allows our engineers to perform highly non-linear structural simulations at a much higher level of accuracy while still meeting the tight design schedules our business requires,” said Józef Ryszka, Stalprodukt’s marketing director and member of the board. “Tight hardware and software integration was a critical factor in selecting Cray, since the LS-DYNA workload needs not only fast CPUs, but also ultra-fast communication between compute nodes. Remarkably, we’ve already run sample workloads on the XC30 and have seen a twenty fold increase in performance.”

To meet Stalprodukt S.A.’s requirements, Cray delivered the system with LS-DYNA pre-installed, configured and ready for production simulations. The LS-DYNA software package is developed by the Livermore Software Technology Corporation (LSTC), and Stalprodukt S.A. is using the program to run advanced multi-physics simulations for its grain oriented electrical steels, cold-formed sections, road barriers and toroidal cores.

The Cray XC series of supercomputers are ideally suited for computation-intensive, non-linear structural analyses required by industrial manufacturers. The systems feature a massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture that produces a more capable and scalable supercomputer, which is able to address a broad range of user communities. The Cray XC series is targeted at scientists, researchers, engineers and analysts across commercial and academic fields.

Cray has extensive experience working in cooperation with engineering application developers such as LSTC to deliver world-class supercomputing and storage solutions to the manufacturing sector,” said Barry Bolding, vice president of marketing and business development at Cray. “Cray has provided a scalable, cost-effective and productive system that will allow efficient modeling of materials and structural integrity, which is so critical in manufacturing today. We are thrilled Stalprodukt S.A. selected the XC30, and we are proud to be working with this important commercial customer to support their most demanding workloads.”

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