Video: Michigan State’s HPCC Celebrates 10 Years of Supercomputing

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In this video, Michigan’s State’s High Performance Computing Center celebrates its 10th anniversary as part of the Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research (iCER).

In 2005, the HPCC was formed via a grassroots effort by a coterie of faculty at MSU with a strong interest in computational sciences. The HPCC facility was established to solidify the existence of high performance computing (HPC) at MSU and led to the formation of iCER in 2009. The HPCC has grown steadily in size, compute power, and staff. The accomplished and skilled support group works tirelessly behind the scenes maintaining and updating our hardware palette. In 2015, the HPCC will begin plans to acquire a new machine that will singularly increase our available compute power at MSU. With MSU’s continuing commitment to iCER, the HPCC, the creation of a new department focused on the computational sciences, and a new Datacenter on the horizon, the future of HPC at MSU is bright.

In this video, theoretical astrophysics professor Brian O’Shea from Michigan State University describes his cosmologicial simulations on HPCC, NSF, DOE, and NASA supercomputing resources.

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