NICE DCV 2014 Does Remote 3D Applications in the Cloud

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image_galleryToday NICE in Italy released the latest version of their DCV remote visualization technology. DCV 2014 enables Technical Computing users to remotely access 2D/3D interactive applications over a LAN or WAN networks, allowing engineers and scientists to take full advantage of the high-end graphics cards, fast I/O performance, and large memory nodes hosted in public or private clouds such as AWS.

DCV 2014.0 offers 3 to 10 times bandwidth savings over DCV 2013 and improved network latency tolerance, thus expanding the market for 3D visualization in the cloud to entirely new use cases.

ICE is the first company to leverage the new NVIDIA Kepler-specific H.264 encoder both on Linux and Windows”, said Andrew Cresci, General Manager of the NVIDIA GRID business at NVIDIA. “Our collaboration with NICE is enabling new users and businesses to leverage NVIDIA GRID technologies for optimal graphics performance.”

Coupled with NICE’s EnginFrame, DCV allows ISVs and customers to build end-to-end, interactive and batch, HPC or design processes in the cloud. NICE DCV also provides desktop sharing capabilities — concurrent access to the same 3D interactive session among multiple users — that enable distributed teams to collaborate in the cloud.

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