Nimbis Services to Help Bolster Manufacturing with HPC

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imgresToday Nimbis Services announced a collaboration with SMLC and UCLA on HPC to bolster modeling and simulation in manufacturing. The collaboration will explore solutions for an open Workflow of APPs under a Phase I grant from the Department of Energy (DOE) Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program.

SMLC enables the smart manufacturing industry to form collaborative R&D and advocacy teams to develop approaches, standards platforms, and shared infrastructure that facilities the broad adoption,” said Denise Swink, CEO of SMLC. “We are proud to partner with Nimbis Services to continue to break down the barriers to Smart Manufacturing, making the process more available for all.”

The project was conceived from SMLC efforts over the past several years and the results of High Performance Computing activities sponsored by the Council on Competitiveness (COC). In the COC report, Innovate America: Thriving in a World of Challenge and Change, America’s leaders note that innovation gives the United States a competitive advantage. Investing in HPC results in stimulated innovation, a strengthened U.S. military, and a boost in national competitiveness.

This project addresses inadequate adoption of HPC and modeling and simulation technologies in manufacturing, lack of knowledge and skills in HPC technologies, and the ability to apply modeling and simulation tools to address specific challenges. By offering tailored workflows comprised of multiple APPs, engineering applications, and visualization tools, HPC and manufacturing workflows are available to a broader user base, thus stimulating innovation and growing adoption of HPC from large entities to the small and medium-sized manufacturers.

Nimbis Services is proud to be part of yet another program to develop tools to grow adoption of HPC for small and medium manufacturers,” says Robert Graybill, President and CEO of Nimbis Services. “By continuing to grow access and adoption of HPC technologies in manufacturing, the industry as a whole benefits.”

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