Video: Interconnecting Future DoE Leadership Systems

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In this video from the Stanford HPC Conference, Rich Graham presents: Interconnecting Future DoE Leadership Systems.

CORAL (Collaboration of Oak Ridge, Argonne and Lawrence Livermore National Labs) is a project that was launched in 2013 to develop the technology and meet the Department of Energy’s 2017-2018 leadership computing needs with supercomputers. The collaboration between Mellanox, IBM and NVIDIA was selected by the CORAL project team after a comprehensive evaluation of future technologies from a variety of vendors. The development of these supercomputers is well underway with installation expected in 2017.

Organizations and research facilities are required to process and analyze more information than ever before and to do it in less time,” said Michael Kagan, CTO, Mellanox Technologies. “Mellanox interconnect solutions deliver the highest performance and scalability, and provide the most advanced roadmap that paves the road to Exascale computing. We are excited to collaborate with IBM, NVIDIA, ORNL and LLNL to build the most advanced supercomputers in the world.”

Download the Slides (PDF) * See more talks in the Stanford HPC Conference Video Gallery

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