Beowulf Boot Camp Returns to LSU July 6-10

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lsuLouisiana State University will host the Beowulf Boot Camp, July 6-10, on the LSU campus. The course offers students and teachers a unique opportunity to work with advanced research technology not usually available in a typical classroom setting.

2014BeowulfDuring Beowulf Boot Camp 2015, students will work hands-on with a number of LSU professors as they learn how to build and use supercomputers.

  • Students will engage in the following activities:
  • Building a computer cluster from scratch
  • Installing the Linux operating system on the computer they’ve built
  • Connecting computers put together by their peers to make a mini-supercomputer
  • Learning how to program a mini-supercomputer in parallel with Python
  • Interactive activities to help understand how Parallel computing works in Supercomputing
  • Running performance benchmarks to determine how your cluster ranks in comparison with the fastest and largest supercomputers in the world.

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