New Magazine Celebrates PRACE Women in HPC

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WomenofHPC2015The Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe in Europe has published the first edition of PRACE Women in HPC Magazine, a collection of success stories celebrating the contribution women make to HPC and computational science. Designed to put the spotlight on the scientific advances made in the past year, the magazine tells the story of women who help make PRACE a world-leading force in HPC-enabled science and the march towards Exascale computing.

By showcasing the talents of women, we hope this publication will provide inspirational models to the next generation of PRACErs, said Dr Sylvie Joussaume, Chair of the PRACE Scientific Steering Committee. “HPC is uniquely positioned to attract women as its users are from a broad range of fields, and HPC already has a growing proportion of female users. At international events, such as ISC and SC, the Women in HPC initiative draws great interest from the HPC and scientific community. The number of women working in HPC is growing day by day. The HPC community is strengthening so that women no longer feel that they are the exception but instead are part of the norm. This publication and the PRACE year of Women in HPC, in collaboration with the Women in HPC initiative are steps to promote diversity in HPC. We hope that this year raises the profile of female professionals in HPC and engages the community, challenging the stereotype of an HPC scientist. Until diversity is embedded in the community and equality of opportunity and ability becomes commonplace, please enjoy reading about the women who are already changing the face of HPC.”

womenThe Women in HPC organization also has a series of events coming up in 2015:

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