HPC News Bytes for Friday, June 26

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hatnewsWhile we’re always on the lookout for HPC news, not everything makes it to the front page. Notable items from this week include new benchmarks for 100GB Ethernet, the Open MPI roadmap, and Docker containers.

  • Containers Gain Traction. We’ve been watching the rapid advancement of Docker, and this week things got interesting with the launch of the Open Container Project by the Linux Foundation. With this initiative, the big players in the Cloud will define a standard container format.

    In this video, Adrian Cockcroft from Battery Ventures summarize the recent developments from Dockercon 2015.
  • Fast and Furious. As highlighted by Mellanox in a new set of 100Gb Ethernet benchmarks, the Unison Ceph appliance from Scalable Informatics is the world’s first 100GbE storage appliance. SI CEO Joe Landman describes Unison as, “Easily one of the fastest systems in the market.”
  • Simulating Fat-Tree Networks. A new simulation system named FatTreeSim enables the parallel and distributed computing community to explore and evaluate large-scale fat-tree networks in a time- and budget-efficient manner. The system is described in an award-winning paper written by computer science researchers at the Illinois Institute of Technology.
  • Name that Cluster. The Ohio Supercomputer Center is seeking public input in naming the new supercomputer for an Ohio pioneer. Current and past systems recognize John Glenn, Neil Armstrong, Annie Oakley, and Ruby Dee.

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