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Industrial Computational Breakthroughs on Blue Waters

In this video from the NCSA Blue Waters Symposium, Seid Koric from National Center for Supercomputing Applications presents: Industrial Computational Breakthroughs on Blue Waters.


The Private Sector Program (PSP) team at NCSA provides domain science/engineering expertise to our 20-25 private sector partners, primarily from the FORTUNE 500. For years, these companies have been turning to PSP to help them advance the performance, scalability, realism, insight and, ultimately, value-add of their most important high-performance computing applications. The common belief that engineering simulation codes do not scale efficiently in large supercomputers has been proved wrong in 2014 on NCSA¹s Blue Waters, when the PSP team, led by Dr. Koric, and working with Rolls-Royce, Procter and Gamble, LSTC, Ansys Inc., Cray, Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) and IBM-Watson scaled both the commercial and in-house engineering simulation codes and solver libraries to the unprecedented levels proving that Blue Waters can tackle a very wide range of challenging tasks, not only from science, but also from engineering demonstrating the feasibility of efficiently solving extreme size real world multi-physics problems on the peta-scale and potentially exa-scale level, and thus adding tremendous value to future engineering simulation and research.

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