Panel Discussion: Extreme-Scale Numerical Algorithms and Software

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fastmathIn this video from the recent Argonne Training Program on Extreme-Scale Computing, panelists from the FASTMath team discuss challenges in extreme-scale numerical algorithms and software.

“The FASTMathSciDAC Institute develops and deploys scalable mathematical algorithms and software tools for reliable simulation of complex physical phenomena and collaborates with application scientists to ensure the usefulness and applicability of FASTMath technologies. Our current research efforts are focused on developing a full range of technologies to improve the reliability, accuracy, and robustness of application simulation codes. In particular, we are developing mesh-based methods including structured, unstructured, and mapped multiblock techniques. We will use embedded boundaries along with high-quality, high-order mesh representations to capture complex geometry, and adaptive mesh refinement to control error in multi resolution simulations. We are developing fast solvers, load-balancing methods, and new remapping techniques. We are focusing effort on robust linear, nonlinear, and eigensolvers.”


  • Brian Van Straalen, LBNL
  • Mark Sheppard, RPI
  • Jed Brown, ANL
  • Robert Falgout, LLNL
  • Moderator: Mark Miller, LLNL

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