Video: Lustre 2.9 and Beyond

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lustreIn this video from the LAD’15 Conference, Andreas Dilger from Intel presents: Lustre 2.9 and Beyond.

“Andreas presents an overview on the features currently under development for the upcoming Lustre 2.8 and 2.9 releases. This includes Layout Enhancement, Progressive File Layouts, Data-on-MDT, and improved single-client metadata and IO performance. In addition, several Lustre-specific ZFS improvements are also under development that will be available in this timeframe.”

Features completed for 2.8

  • LFSCK Phase 4 – Performance Improvements (Intel, OpenSFS)
  • DNE Phase 2 Striped Directories – Asynchronous Commits (Intel, OpenSFS)
  • Client IO Simplification (Intel, OpenSFS)
  • Multiple metadata-modifying RPCs (multi-slot last_rcvd) (Bull=Atos)
  • Kerberos/GSS revival (Bull=Atos, Seagate)

Features starting development for 2.9 and later

  • UID/GID mapping (IU)
  • ZFS* Enhancements (Intel, LLNL)
  • Project quotas (DDN)
  • Shared-key/GSS crypto (IU)
  • Progressive File Layout Prototype (Intel & ORNL)
  • Data on MDT Prototype (Intel)

Download the Slides (PDF) * See more talks in the LAD’15 Video Gallery

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