Adaptive Computing Achieves Record High Throughput with Supermicro Systems

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AdaptiveToday Adaptive Computing announces it has set a new record in High Throughput Computing (HTC) in collaboration with Supermicro, a leader in high-performance green computing solutions. Supermicro SuperServers, custom optimized for Nitro, the new high throughput resource manager from Adaptive Computing, were able to launch up to 530 tasks per second per core on Supermicro based low latency UP SuperServer and over 17,600 tasks per second on its 4-Way based SuperServer. This record-breaking throughput can accelerate financial risk analysis, EDA regression tests, life sciences research, and other data analysis-driven projects. It can expedite the process of gaining critical insights, thereby delivering products and services to market faster.

Adaptive Computing looks forward to continuing their partnership with Supermicro to make these powerful products available to a wider range of industries. Every company is constantly on the lookout for that point where low-cost and high-efficiency meet to create the best user experience possible,” says Marty Smuin, CEO of Adaptive Computing. “This recent benchmark proves to all seeking a high throughput solution that Nitro is the way to go. It is undeniably industry-leading, and Supermicro’s low latency and 4-Way servers are key in achieving astonishing performance.”

Adaptive Computing’s Nitro specializes in launching small, single core tasks that are prevalent in today’s workloads. In situations with 10,000+ tasks, traditional schedulers dramatically add to the time it takes to process workload seeing as they must schedule each individual task. Nitro is able to group these tasks into much fewer autonomous pieces and make single decisions for each batch. In addition, Nitro uses a fast messaging bus capable of handling high volumes of rapid communications with the many tasks. The resulting leading launch rates are what give Nitro the potential to accelerate the insights and discoveries that make researchers and businesses successful.

Nitro optimization of Supermicro’s low-latency SuperServer played a central role in pushing benchmarks up to its present position. This Nitro optimized server comes with the latest Intel Xeon CPU’s, delivering maximum processing performance. Its advanced technologies enhance I/O performance, increase power efficiency, and improve application cooling. The ‘tasks per core’ record was achieved on Supermicro’s single socket low-latency server. The ‘tasks per server’ record was achieved on a Nitro-optimized Supermicro 4-Way SuperServer, a powerful solution ideal for the most demanding applications.

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