Video: Overcoming Storage Roadblocks in HPC Clouds

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Bernie Behn, Avere Systems

Bernie Behn, Avere Systems

In this video from the Cycle Computing the HPC in the Cloud Educational Series, Bernie Behn from Avere Systems discusses alternatives approaches to storage efficiency and effectiveness for doing large computation in public cloud environments.

“The virtually infinite scale of cloud compute resources is now within easy reach from either existing network-attached or object-based storage. No longer is the location of your storage a roadblock to reaping the ease, timeliness, and cost offered by cloud compute services. Avere’s Enterprise Cloud Bursting solution utilizes the Virtual FXT Edge filer (vFXT) which puts high-performance, scalable NAS where you need it to enable massive compute on-demand for enterprise apps with simple installation and zero hardware maintenance. Avere makes your NAS data accessible to cloud compute without experiencing latency or requiring that your data be moved to the cloud.”

According to Behn, Cloud bursting is the concept of taking your application that no longer fit within your data center from a compute demand perspective, and moving them into the cloud where you have theoretical infinite compute capabilities. Some of the challenges involved with that are the storage piece of it and how do you access the data to your compute jobs are working against. So our technology enables the facilitation of moving these compute workloads without having a shovel your data up into the cloud and then dump truck it back down when you’re done with it.

In this video from SC15, Bernie Behn describes how Avere Systems enables cloudbursting with its flexible hybrid cloud technology.

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