Video: Introduction to the Euroserver for Green Computing

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logoeuroserver2In this video from the 2016 HiPEAC conference, Julian Chesterfield from OnApp describes his poster on the EUROSERVER Project.

“EUROSERVER is an ambitious and holistic project aimed  to arm Europe with leading  technology for conquering the new markets of cloud computing. Data-centers form the central  brains  and store  for the Information Society  and are a key resource for innovation and leadership. The key challenge has recently moved  from just delivering the required performance, to include consuming reduced energy and lowering cost of ownership. Together, these create an inflection point that provides a big opportunity  for Europe, which holds a leading  position in energy efficient computing  and market prominent positions in embedded systems.”

The EUROSERVER consortium has nine partners, who bring complementary expertise across the entire micro-server research and development value chain. The project includes industry leaders in energy-efficient computing IP (ARM), chip and semiconductor integration (STmicroelectronics), and system integration at the board and machine levels (Neat). It also includes a key end user, OnApp, a leading IaaS cloud platform provider primarily for the web-hosting industry.

In addition, the consortium brings togetherleading academic and research partners in the areas of supercomputing (BSC), semiconductor integration (CEA), hardware-software integration (FORTH), architecture (Chalmers) and energy-efficient software for distributed and embedded applications (TU Dresden).


HiPEAC 2017 will take place January 23-25, 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden.

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