Watson for President Foundation Explores AI as Commander-in-Chief

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watson2If the current set of Presidential candidates has you down, the Watson for President Foundation may just have an answer for you. As an independent organization not affiliated with Watson’s creator, IBM, the foundation contends that the artificial intelligence technology that won Jeopardy! would be well-suited to be the leader of the free world.

The Watson 2016 Foundation is an independent organization formed for the advocacy of the artificial intelligence known as Watson to run for President of The United States of America. It is our belief that Watson’s unique capabilities to assess information and make informed and transparent decisions define it as an ideal candidate for the job responsibilities required by the president.”

While the notion of an AI being elected may seem ridiculous, I think the Foundation makes some good points as to the capabilities of the machine. So far, visitors to their web site seem to agree, with a large majority voting in favor of the idea.

poll“Watson would be able to recognize the international impacts of domestic policy decisions, and understand that our communication networks, transportation solutions, and economic entanglement have created a global community that we can not deny being a part of. As with any community, what is good for our neighbors is good for us. We have a responsibility to care for the human rights, labor practices, income, safety, and environment of the citizens of nations we do dealings with.”

As for how serious the Foundation or these voters are, I wonder how many of them would let Watson be their unsupervised doctor?

One comment I saw may sum up this story on a rather dry news day for HPC;

Watson for President does not go far enough. We all know what needs to be done. Right now, Congress has a George Costanza algorithm to do the exact opposite.”

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