Learn Apache Hadoop with Spark in One Day

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hadoop1Hadoop and Spark clusters have a reputation for being extremely difficult to configure, install, and tune, but help is on the way. The good folks at Cluster Monkey are hosting a crash course entitled Apache Hadoop with Spark in One Day.

Apache Hadoop and Spark have received a large amount of attention in recent years. Understanding what Hadoop and Spark bring to the Big Data “revolution” can be difficult because the ecosystem of tools and applications is quite vast, changing, and somewhat convoluted. If one applies Betteridge’s Law to the above headline, the answer would certainly be “No” and the mystique of Hadoop, Spark, and Big Data may continue to persist for some time.

The course instructor is Douglas Eadline, author of several books and videos on Hadoop and Big Data. His most recent Hadoop 2 Quick-Start Guide is the genesis for the “Hadoop in One Day” concept that continues to intrigue users, administrators, and managers from all sectors of the market.

Eadline describes the course objectives in a feature interview over at ClusterMonkey.net. The next classes take place in New York City on May 16-17, 2016.

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