Radio Free HPC Trip Reports from ASC16 & MSST

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bubbleIn this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team recaps the ASC16 Student Cluster Competition in China and the 2016 MSST Conference in Santa Clara.

Dan spent a week in Wuxi interviewing ASC16 student teams, and you can watch his live reports over at

“Excitement reigned at the Asia Student Supercomputer Challenge as Zhejiang University set a new student LINPACK record with 12.03 TFlop/s. With this result, they eclipsed the previous record of 10.78 TFlop/s set by Jamia Millia Islamia University (JMI) at last year’s ISC’15 competition. Here’s a historical chart of past student cluster competition LINPACK records.”LINPACK 4-16 capture

Back in sunny California, Rich was busy last week recording presentations at the 2016 MSST Mass Storage Technologies Conference.

Rich was impressed with the MSST keynote by DSSD Founder Jeff Bonwick as well a set of future technology talks:

  • Horst Schellong described Sony’s Everspan optical storage technology. Their 300 Gbyte media disks are now augmented by faster IO with 8 parallel read/write heads per drive.
  • Peter Kazansky from the University of Southampton present presented Eternal 5D Data Storage in Glass, which promises storage that lasts something like 100 million years. Henry thinks it writes too slowly, but if something is going to last forever, do you really care how long it takes to write it?

You watch the storage talks at the MSST Video Gallery.

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