Analytics Frameworks

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With corporations product so much data, it is imperative that this data be made available to employees across the entire organization in a form such that analytics are easy to understand.  This whitepaper looks at the challenges of creating an IT organization that can give users the data that they need, in a form that is most appropriate for their job functions.  This whitepaper will give you insight into how to begin to solve this challenge.

Managing Data Chaos with Agile Analytics - Download Now

Managing Data Chaos
with Agile Analytics – Download Now

Analytics relies on data. This is especially true if an IT organization needs to integrate the data from many sources, while at the same time distributing the data through analytics to a wide range of consumers within the company. Data may come in all shapes, sizes and quality, by batch systems or in real time. Integrating this data, whether at the edge of a network or centrally is paramount to giving users the needed information, when they need it.

In order to be applicable across many organizations, the next generation data integration and analytics platform should contain a sophisticated analytics framework. This framework must be able to work with a wide variety of data in an intelligent manner. De-centralizing analytics away from IT to the people who are closest to the data and arming them with the knowledge of what they actually care about (actionable insights) is the future of data integration and analytics platforms.

This whitepaper from Bitstew is an excellent summary of how a next generation platform can be developed to bring a wide range of data to life, giving users the ability to take action when needed. Organizations that need to deal with massive amounts of data but are having challenges figuring out how to make sense of all of the data should read this whitepaper.  Download it now to learn more.