Hot Interconnects Conference Comes to Santa Clara Aug 24-26

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hotiThere is still time to register for the 2016 Hot Interconnects Conference, which takes place August 24-26 at Huawei in Santa Clara, California.

Hot Interconnects is the premier international forum for researchers and developers of state-of-the-art hardware and software architectures and implementations for interconnection networks of all scales, ranging from multi-core on-chip interconnects to those within systems, clusters, datacenters and Clouds. This yearly conference is attended by leaders in industry and academia. The atmosphere provides for a wealth of opportunities to interact with individuals at the forefront of this field.

The keynote speaker this year is Kiran Makhijan, Senior Research Scientist, Network Technology Labs at the Huawei America Research Center. Her talk is entitled: Cloudcasting – Perspectives on Virtual Routing for Cloud Centric Network Architectures.

“With the increased adoption of cloud based services, the demand for location-agnostic access to virtualized workloads is growing through private, public and hybrid cloud models. Cloud centric networks involve the formation of a massive number of client networks and interconnection of client resources across a shared infrastructure. Key characteristics include infrastructure independence, multi-site distribution, scalability, multi-tenancy and workload mobility. In current deployments both virtual network and virtual path discovery techniques are closely controlled by traditional routing procedures such as distance vector or path vector protocols. In contrast an autonomous virtual routing scheme dedicated for the client networks can be found more efficient for the overall operation of cloud based networks. In this talk I provide a perspective on virtual routing for cloud based networks to address issues observed in traditional routing schemes. Particular emphasis is given to i) infrastructure-agnostic connectivity, ii) economy of routing information distribution, and iii) ease of deployment. A vision for a converged virtual routing scheme is introduced, which simplifies development and operation for cloud-based networks.”

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