Video: JuMP – A Modeling Language for Mathematical Optimization

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Miles Lubin, MIT

Miles Lubin, MIT

In this video from the 2016 DOE CSGF Annual Program Review, Miles Lubin from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology presents: JuMP – A Modeling Language for Mathematical Optimization.

“JuMP is an open-source software package in Julia for modeling optimization problems. In less than three years since its release, JuMP has received more than 50 citations and has been used in at least 10 universities for teaching. We tell the story of how JuMP was developed, explain the role of the DOE CSGF and high-performance computing, and discuss ongoing extensions to JuMP developed in collaboration with DOE labs.”

Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship (DOE CSGF) scholars are part of an innovative group learning to use high performance computing to solve scientific and engineering problems. The DOE CSGF Annual Program Review makes it possible for these fellows – as well as program alumni, DOE staff, faculty and other members of the fellowship community – to share ideas, support one another and discover research opportunities at Department of Energy laboratories. Taking place each summer in Washington D.C., the event facilitates attendance by DOE management personnel and Congressional members and staff, so that they may see for themselves the results of the fellowship program. In addition, fellows can take advantage of this opportunity to visit with their Congressional representatives and engage in dialogue concerning science and technology.

Download the paper: JuMP – A Modeling Language for Mathematical Optimization

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