Registration Opens for HP-CAST at SC16

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hpcast27Registration is now open for HP-CAST at SC16. The event takes place Nov. 11-12 in Salt Lake City.

HP-CAST is an organization of Hewlett Packard Enterprise customers and partners who provide input to HPE to increase the capabilities of HPE solutions for large-scale, scientific and technical computing. HP-CAST provides guidance to HPE on the essential development and support issues for such systems. HP-CAST meetings include corporate briefings and presentations by HPE executives, HPE technical staff, by HPE customers and partners and discussions of customer issues related to high-performance technical computing.

At HP-CAST 27, a special focus will be on the following key topics:

  • Roadmaps and in-depth system assessments of HPE’s HPC-relevant product lines
  • Innovative HPC-system architectures and feasibility of future technologies
  • Processors, coprocessors, GPUs and related software tools
  • Interconnect technology trends and shared memory implementations
  • Big Data and HPC, object storage, parallel file systems for HPC
  • System performance tools, workflow control and deployment and HPC Clouds
  • HPC solutions for life science, deep learning, manufacturing and financial industries

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