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Intel Acquires Movidius to Bolster AI

movidiusToday Movidius announced that the company is being acquired by Intel. As a deep learning startup, Movidius’s mission is to give the power of sight to machines.

Our leading VPU (Vision Processing Unit) platform for on-device vision processing combined with Intel’s industry leading depth sensing solution (Intel RealSense Technology) is a winning combination for autonomous machines that can see in 3D, understand their surroundings and navigate accordingly,” said Movidius CEO Remi El-Ouazzane. “Today, we’re working with customers like DJI, FLIR, Google and Lenovo to give sight to smart devices including drones, security cameras, AR/VR headsets and more. But today’s smart devices, while compelling, offer just a glimpse of what’s to come.”

According to El-Ouazzane, when computers can see, they can become autonomous and that’s just the beginning. Movidius has been attacking this challenge at the device level – combining advanced algorithms with dedicated low-power hardware. At Intel, Movidius engineers will be part of a team that is attacking this challenge from the cloud, through the network and on the device.

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