UberCloud Celebrates 3rd year of its HPC Cloud Marketplace Service

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ubercloudToday the UberCloud announced the third year of its HPC Cloud Marketplace Service.

Are you ready for Computing and Software as a Service, for your professional engineering and scientific simulation projects? Need software licenses, computing resources, storage capacity, expert consulting, or training courses, packaged into one solution stack, available at your fingertips? This online UberCloud Marketplace is your one-stop shopping mall to get access to these resources, on-demand, when you need them.

After one year and 80+ engineering and scientific HPC cloud experiments, during the Supercomputing Conference Nov 2013, UberCloud first opened the first (beta) version of its engineering cloud marketplace with then 5 stores providing cloud services from cloud hardware and engineering software vendors. Since then the number of stores grew to 40, and the trend from providers and users of the marketplace is now clearly accelerating.

“When we started the marketplace 3 years ago the service we offered was all manual,” explained Wolfgang Gentzsch who founded UberCloud together with Burak Yenier in 2012. “But already then we were developing our HPC software container technology based on Docker which today provides a fully automated software packaging and porting environment and allows users to access their engineering workflow within seconds, at their fingertips, in any cloud. They don’t have to learn how to handle a new cloud user platform, because handling a software container provides the same look and feel identical to the engineer’s desktop.”

Based on this technology UberCloud has also cracked the software licensing problem in the cloud because every container contains its own license server. In the meantime the UberCloud Marketplace has 40 software and cloud hardware stores, and growing.

startuphpcIn related news, Burak Yenier will present, “Founder Stories: The UberCloud Progress Report” on Nov. 13 at the StartupHPC event at SC16 in Salt Lake City.

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