Nimbus Data Patents Parallel Memory Architecture

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nimbusToday Nimbus Data announced the award of a patent for its non-blocking all-flash architecture. Nimbus Data’s Parallel Memory Architecture scales capacity and performance linearly within each ExaFlash system, offering latency and throughput performance up to 6x faster scale-up designs.

Conventional HDD-centric architectures employed by the majority of all-flash array vendors trap flash performance behind legacy shared bus and scale-up designs,” stated Thomas Isakovich, CEO and Founder. “Now patented, Nimbus Data’s Parallel Memory Architecture overcomes the limitations of generic off-the-shelf servers, capturing the full performance potential of all-flash technology.”

Patent number 9,268,501, is entitled “High Performance Solid-state Based Computer Data Storage Array”. Thomas Isakovich, CEO and founder of Nimbus Data, is the noted inventor.

The patent announcement follows Nimbus Data’s recent unveiling of its ExaFlash Platform, a next-generation all-flash system that offers unprecedented scale and record-setting efficiency. The ExaFlash Platform offers up to 50x greater rack density while requiring 95% less energy than the competition. ExaFlash enables cloud providers and enterprises to build high performance data centers with the lowest possible operating cost.

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