Podcast: Supercomputing Cancer Research and the Human Brain

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Jack Wells, Director of science for the NCCS at ORNL

In this WUOT podcast, Jack Wells from ORNL describes how the Titan supercomputer helps advance science.

“The world’s third-most powerful supercomputer is located in Oak Ridge, and though it bears the imposing name TITAN, its goals and capabilities are more quotidian than dystopian. On this edition of The Method, we provide a look at what TITAN is, and what it does. First up, a conversation with Jack Wells, the director of science for the National Center for Computational Sciences. He speaks with host Brandon Hollingsworth. Then, WUOT’s Megan Jamerson tells us about a project at ORNL that uses TITAN to help humans digest vast sums of information from medical reports. If successful, the project could create new understandings about the demographics of cancer.”

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