Startup Video: Architecting Flash for Scale and Performance in HPC

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Liran Zvibel, Co-Founder & CTO, Wika.IO

In this video from the 2017 HPC Advisory Council Stanford Conference, Liran Zvibel, Co-Founder & CTO of Weka.IO presents: Architecting Flash for Scale and Performance in HPC.

“High Performance Computing (HPC) is considered the unlimited class of computing where performance is all that matters. Increasingly, business enterprises are looking to apply the technology and techniques from HPC to help them solve their complex business challenges. Weka.IO’s CTO, Liran Zvibel, will discuss how affordable HPC class storage performance and scale can be achieved using Flash technology and a hardware independent software architecture.”

As Co-Founder and CTO, Mr. Liran Zvibel guides longer range technical strategies at Weka.IO. Prior to creating the opportunity at WekaIO, he ran engineering at social startup and Fortune 100 organizations including Fusic, where he managed product definition, design and development for a portfolio of rich social media applications. Liran also held principal architectural responsibilities for the hardware platform, clustering infrastructure and overall systems integration for XIV Storage System, acquired by IBM in 2007. Mr. Zvibel holds a Mathematics and Computer Science from Tel Aviv University.

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