Tutorial on In-Network Computing: SHARP Technology for MPI Offloads

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Devendar Bureddy, Mellanox

In this video from the 2017 HPC Advisory Council Stanford Conference, Devendar Bureddy from Mellanox presents a Tutorial on In-Network Computing SHARP Technology for MPI Offloads.

“Increased system size and a greater reliance on utilizing system parallelism to achieve computational needs, requires innovative system architectures to meet the simulation challenges. As a step towards a new network class of co-processors intelligent network devices, which manipulate data traversing the data-center network, SHARP technology designed to offload collective operation processing to the network. This tutorial will provide an overview of SHARP technology, integration with MPI, SHARP software components and live example of running MPI collectives.”

Devendar Bureddy is a Staff Engineer at Mellanox Technologies and has been instrumental in building several key technologies like SHARP, HCOLL, etc. Prior to joining Mellanox, he was a software developer at The Ohio State University in network-Based Computing Laboratory led by Dr. D. K. Panda, involved in the design and development of MVAPICH2, an open-source high- performance implementation of MPI over InfiniBand and 10GigE/iWARP.

Devendar received his Master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. His research interests include high speed interconnects, parallel programming models and HPC software.

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