Apply Now: OSC Summer Institute Programs Introduce Young Women to Exciting STEM Careers

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Each summer the Ohio Supercomputer Center offers summer programs for high school students and middle school girls interested in experiencing the dynamic fields of high performance computing and networking.

OSC is accepting applications for the following programs:

  • The Young Women’s Summer Institute (YWSI) is a week-long program sponsored by Ohio Supercomputer Center for middle-school girls in Ohio. It is designed to promote computer, math, science and engineering skills as well as provide hands-on experiences. YWSI helps girls develop an interest in these subjects by allowing them to work on a practical, interesting scientific problem using the latest computer technology.
  • The Summer Institute is held June 4-16 for Ohio high school students entering their sophomore, junior or senior years. Participants work in small peer teams to use supercomputers for practical applications such as solving complex science and engineering problems, conducting network forensics to catch hackers, studying the spread of diseases and designing computer games. The Young Women’s Summer Institute is June 25-July 1 for girls entering seventh or eighth grade in Ohio and is designed to promote computer, math, science and engineering skills, as well as to provide hands-on, real-science experience.
    • Applications for the Summer Institute are due April 7, 2017.

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