New Univa Grid Engine Release Doubles Performance over Previous Versions

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Today Univa released Grid Engine 8.5.0, the latest version of their job scheduling software designed to push the boundaries of scalability and performance. With this release, benchmarks show an impressive 2x performance improvement in scheduling and processing of all types of workload versus previous versions of Grid Engine. According to Univa, Enterprises will now see immediate results with less wait time and more work completed.

Grid Engine 8.5’s significant performance improvement for submitting jobs and reduced scheduling times will have a profound impact to our customers’ bottom line as they can now get more work done in the same amount of time. By reducing the wait time for end-users, our customers can save significant costs. Managing the purchase of more servers and getting higher throughput means deadlines can be met with confidence and on budget. Our goal was to increase the value Univa provides over previous versions of Grid Engine, including the popular open source version 6.2U5,” said Bill Bryce, Vice President of Products at Univa.

In addition to scalability and performance improvements, this release includes resource map enhancements for selecting host-based resources such as GPUs and improvements to Docker device selection, allowing GPUs to be mapped into Docker containers. Users can now place GPU applications into Docker containers and run them on any Docker-enabled host in the cluster.

Univa’s internal benchmarks have been in use for years as part of the automated testing matrix during product development and quality assurance. A tech brief detailing the tests and the results quoted is available at

Univa Grid Engine is a leading workload management system. The solution maximizes the use of shared resources in a datacenter and applies advanced policy management tools to deliver products and results faster, more efficiently, and with lower overall costs. The product can be deployed in any technology environment, including containers: on-premise, hybrid or in the cloud. A variety of add-ons can be utilized to extend workload management capabilities and create a customized solution for any enterprise infrastructure. For more information, please visit or follow on Twitter @Grid_Engine

Univa Grid Engine 8.5 is available now and is already in production in some of the world’s most demanding environments.

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