GPU Hackathon Coming to Spain End of May

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Appentra and CESGA are organizing a GPU Hackathon in Spain. The event takes place May 29 – June 1 at the Galicia Supercomputing Center in Santiago de Compostela. The event is free, limited in capacity and in Spanish, with priority for national participants.

The goal is to help developers accelerate the execution of their simulation applications using the hardware, software and mentor team provided by CESGA and Appentra. At the end of the event, participants will have a new GPU accelerated version or a roadmap to achieve that goal. Anyone who has a numerical simulation application written in C / C ++ or Fortran and wants to speed up its execution. We expect the attendance of a team of up to two people per application. We would like to know who is interested in order to properly plan new hackathons. Do not hesitate to register as a participant!

“Our goal is to get the most out this hackathon by working on your code 95% of the time, and sharing experience with expert mentors in optimization, parallelization and execution of simulation programs. We seek to establish a collaborative relationship with your team to create success stories that can be published during the months following the hackathon. We will advertise them in specialized media and channels. We want to increase the impact of our work!”

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