HPC Workflows Using Containers

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In this video from Switzerland HPC Conference, Dr. Lucas Benedicic & Dr. Felipe A. Cruz from CSCS-ETHZ present: HPC Workflows Using Containers.

“In this talk we will discuss a workflow for building and testing Docker containers and their deployment on an HPC system using Shifter. Docker is widely used by developers as a powerful tool for standardizing the packaging of applications across multiple environments, which greatly eases the porting efforts. On the other hand, Shifter provides a container runtime that has been specifically built to fit the needs of HPC. We will briefly introduce these tools while discussing the advantages of using these technologies to fulfill the needs of specific workflows for HPC, e.g., security, high-performance, portability and parallel scalability. We will support these points by presenting benchmark results that also highlight the use of specialized hardware like Cray Aries interconnect and NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPU accelerators.”

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