Video: New Mellanox SHIELD Technology Enables Self Healing Networks

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In this video from ISC 2017, Gilad Shainer describes the new SHEILD technology from Mellanox.

“The CPU-centric data center architecture has come to an end and new data centers are now built based on a data-centric architecture. These systems require an intelligent interconnect that can deliver In-Network Computing and Self-healing capabilities, to ensure highest performance, scalability and resiliency,” said Gilad Shainer, vice president of marketing at Mellanox technologies. “Mellanox leading technologies, Mellanox SHARP and SHIELD provide the ability to analyze data within the interconnect, and to overcome issues and to optimize data flows, resulting in 10X to 5000X improvements. These technologies are essential for high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud and other demanding applications to ensure highest productivity.”

SHIELD is an innovative interconnect technology that improves data center fault recovery by 5000 times by enabling interconnect autonomous self-healing capabilities. SHIELD technology is enabled within Mellanox’s 100G EDR and 200G HDR InfiniBand solutions, providing the ability for interconnect components to exchange real-time information and to make immediate smart decisions that overcome issues and optimize data flows. In a world of data, fast recovery of data flow faults is critical to ensure real-time data analysis and fast business decisions. SHIELD will enable greater reliability, more productive computation, and optimized data center operations to ensure the highest return on investment.

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