Asperitas and Qarnot Collaborate in Liquid Cooling

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Today Dutch cleantech company Asperitas and French green HPC service provider Qarnot announced a partnership centered around liquid cooling for datacenters.

Qarnot will act as a value added reseller and operator of the Immersed Computing solution AIC24 developed by Asperitas. The AIC24 is a stand-alone plug and play solution to facilitate IT in a very energy efficient and reliable way making use of total liquid cooling. Qarnot and Asperitas are planning to deploy a showcase at the HQ of Qarnot in Paris.

Qarnot provides cloud computing through a disruptive distributed infrastructure where computing power is no longer deployed in concentrated datacentres, but spread throughout the city in the form of computing heaters and boilers, which are ideal for edge environments in residential and commercial buildings. Qarnot offers affordable HPC through a scalable platform, hybrid by design, made of computing hardware but also operating public clouds and private infrastructure, accessible through a web interface, a REST API and/or a Python SDK. The collaboration focus with Asperitas will be on deployments on the building market.

Qarnot computing platform is the perfect one for compute-intensive applications such as rendering and risk analysis. The company serves major banks (including BNP Paribas and Société Générale), 3D animation studios and research labs.

Asperitas has worked on validating and developing Immersed Computing as a unique approach to the datacentre industry since 2014 together with a wide ecosystem of partners including ADSE, Brink Industrial and the University of Leeds. Building on existing liquid immersion cooling technologies by adding integration of power and network components, improving cooling physics with a strong focus on design and engineering for usability, Asperitas has come up with a complete and integrated solution which can be effectively utilised in most, if not all situations, climate independently.

Immersed Computing by Asperitas is a concept driven by sustainability, efficiency and flexibility. Using the most efficient model for operating IT, total liquid cooling, and going far beyond just technology. Immersed Computing includes an optimized way of work, highly effective deployment, flexible IT and drastic simplification of datacenter design. Offering great advantages on all levels of the datacenter value chain. Realizing maximum results for Cloud, HPC and Edge environments. The AIC24 is the first Immersed Computing solution, launched in March 2017 at Cloud Expo Europe. Since the launch Asperitas has been honored with several award nominations including Datacenter Facilities Innovation of the Year by Datacentre Solutions and Best Energy Solution by Datacloud Europe. Currently Asperitas is in the running for an Accenture Innovation Award.

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