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Introducing the European EXDCI initiative for HPC

In this video, members describe the mission of the European EXDCI initiative for HPC.

“The European Extreme Data & Computing Initiative (EXDCI) objective is to support the development and implementation of a common strategy for the European HPC Ecosystem. One of the main goals of the meeting in Bologna was to set up a roadmap for future developments, and for other parties who would like to participate in HPC research.”

EXDCI aims to support the road-mapping, strategy-making and performance-monitoring activities of the ecosystem, including:

  • Producing and aligning roadmaps for HPC Technology and HPC Applications
  • Measuring the implementation of the European HPC strategy
  • Building and maintaining relations with other international HPC activities and regions
  • Supporting the generation of young talent as a crucial element of the development of European HPC

EXDCI will complement the Horizon 2020 calls and projects in the achievement of a globally competitive HPC Ecosystem in Europe. Following the vision of the European Commission in HPC, this ecosystem is based on three pillars: HPC Technology Provision, HPC Infrastructure and HPC Application Resources.

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