Lenovo Steps up with Intel Select Solutions for HPC

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In this video, Trish Damkroger from Intel and Madhu Matta from Lenovo describe how Intel Select Solutions for HPC make it easy to scale application performance.

“Intel Select Solutions HPC provide a fast path for purchasing and deploying a cluster for simulation and modeling workloads with a pre-validated selection of components designed to meet the demands of HPC applications and workflows. These systems provide the capabilities and agility needed to support a range of different workloads and reduce or eliminate the need for multiple single-purpose systems. In addition, the performance of key system characteristics are verified for Intel Select Solutions for Simulation and Modeling at both the node and cluster level.”

The Intel Select Solutions for HPC leverage the proven Intel Scalable System Framework delivers balanced HPC through tighter integration of compute, memory/storage, fabric, and software. The Intel SSF specification provides an architectural foundation that enables development and deployment of a wide variety of high-performance, compute- and data-intensive workloads. Its standards-based programmability allows engineers to run diverse workloads on a broadly available, common infrastructure. Intel SSF enables organizations to achieve high performance with flexibility, scalability, balance, and portability.”

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