SC17 Panel: Energy Efficiency Gains From Software

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Panel Moderator Daniel A. Reed is VP for Research and Economic Development, University Chair in Computational Science and Bioinformatics, and Professor of Computer Science at the University of Iowa.

In this video from SC17 in Denver, Dan Reed moderates a panel discussion on HPC Software for Energy Efficiency. The panel was organized by the Energy Efficient HPC Working Group.

“We have already achieved major gains in energy-efficiency for both the datacenter and HPC equipment. For example, the PUE of the Swiss Supercomputer (CSCS) datacenter prior to 2012 was 1.8, but the current PUE is about 1.25; a factor of ~1.5 improvement. HPC system improvements have also been very strong, as evidenced by FLOPS/Watt performance on the Green500 List. While we have seen gains from data center and HPC system efficiency, there are also energy-efficiency gains to be had from software- application performance improvements, for example. This panel will explore what HPC software capabilities were most helpful over the past years in improving HPC system energy efficiency? It will then look forward; asking in what layers of the software stack should a priority be put on introducing energy-awareness; e.g., runtime, scheduling, applications? What is needed moving forward? Who is responsible for that forward momentum?”

Panelist Presentations:

  • Sadaf Alam, CSCS, Energy Gains from Software: Retrospectives and Perspectives (06:00 – 22:29)
  • William Gropp, NCSA, Four Steps to Energy Efficiency through Software (22:30 – 37:24)
  • Satoshi Matsuoka, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Green Computing: Tsubame 2 and 3 (37:25 – 53:37)
  • John Shalf, LBNL, Energy Efficiency Gains from Software (53:38 – 69:51)
  • Q&A (69:52 – 94:55)


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