Accelerated Computing: The Path Forward

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Ian Buck is VP of Accelerated Computing at Nvidia.

In this video from SC17, Ian Buck from NVIDIA presents: Accelerated Computing: The Path Forward.

“Supercomputing has swept rapidly from the far edges of science to the heart of our everyday lives. And propelling it forward – bringing it into the mobile phone already in your pocket and the car in your driveway – is GPU acceleration.”

Ian Buck is vice president of NVIDIA’s Accelerated Computing business unit, which includes all hardware and software product lines, third-party enablement, and marketing activities for GPU computing. Buck joined NVIDIA in 2004 and created CUDA, which remains the established leading platform for accelerated-based parallel computing. Before joining NVIDIA, he was the development lead on Brook, which was the forerunner to generalized computing on GPUs. Buck holds a Ph.D. in computer science from Stanford University and Bachelor of Science in computer science from Princeton University.

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