HDR 200G InfiniBand: Empowering Next Generation Data Centers

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HDR 200G InfiniBand

Data is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. And the need for faster data movement has never been more critical to the worlds of HPC and machine learning. In light of this demand, companies like Mellanox Technologies are working to introduce solutions to address the need for HPC and deep learning platforms to move and analyze data both in real-time and at faster speeds than ever. A new white paper from Mellanox explores the company’s end-to-end HDR 200G InfiniBand product portfolio.

HDR 200G InfiniBand

Download the full report.

It wasn’t too long ago that throughput speeds offered through 100G interconnect were enough for applications analyzing automotive construction or weather simulations. But according to the report, “Today’s HPC, machine learning, storage and hyperscale now require both faster interconnect solutions and more intelligent networks to analyze data and run complex simulations with greater speed and efficiency.”

This shift is accompanied by a widespread realization in the industry that the CPU may have reached the limits of its scalability. Many don’t even think it is an option to move data all of the way to the compute elements, but rather computational operations should be performed on the data wherever the data is. This helped spark the recent trend of offloading network functions from the CPU to the network, the Mellanox report explains.

The white paper explores in detail the company’s next-generation machine learning interconnect solution. Mellanox’s forthcoming HDR 200G InfiniBand solutions enable 200G data speeds, which double the previous data rate and expand in-network computing capabilities. Need examples? Yahoo has already demonstrated 18 times faster image recognition using the solution, and NVIDIA has incorporated Mellanox solutions inside their deep learning DGX-1 appliance in order to provide 400Gb/s data throughput. 

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The solution will also be of interest to those working with machine learning applications, which are based on training deep neural networks. Mellanox’s new HDR 200G switch and adapter hardware supports in-networking computing (application offload capability) and in-network memory.

To complete the end-to-end HDR solution, Mellanox ConnectX-6 delivers HDR 200G throughput with 200 million messages per second at under 600 nanoseconds of latency for both InfiniBand and Ethernet.

The full report also includes a comparison of Mellanox’s edge and chassis InfiniBand switch offerings to show the improved performance in bandwidth, from 100G to 200G.

Ultimately, as the requirements for intensive data analytics increase, so does the demand for higher bandwidth. And the CPU-centric approach to networking has proven to be too inefficient for such complex applications. Solutions like Mellanox HDR 200G address these issues through 200Gb switches, adapters, and cables and software, and by enabling in-network computing to handle data throughout the network instead of exclusively in the CPU.

Download the full report, “In-Network Computing and Next Generation HDR 200G InfiniBand,” courtesy of Mellanox Technologies.