Video: Inside Volta GPUs

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In this video from SC17 in Denver, Stephen Jones from NVIDIA presents: Inside Volta.

“The NVIDIA Volta architecture powers the world’s most advanced data center GPU for AI, HPC, and Graphics. Features like Independent Thread Scheduling and game-changing Tensor Cores enable Volta to simultaneously deliver the fastest and most accessible performance of any comparable processor. Join us for a tour of the features that will make Volta the platform for your next innovation in AI and HPC supercomputing.”

Stephen Jones is a principal software engineer in the CUDA group at NVIDIA, working on making the CUDA language and programming model span the needs of parallel programming from high performance computing to artificial intelligence. Previously, Stephen led the simulation and analytics group at SpaceX, where he worked on various projects, including large-scale simulation of combustion processes in rocket engines. His background is in computational fluid mechanics and plasma physics, but he has worked in diverse, industries including networking, CAD/CAM, and scientific computing.

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